You get on an INTERLINE limousine and sit back and relax. Nothing could be simpler. A whole team has done everything it can to make this moment special, and of the whole team, the "only" person you'll probably meet is the chauffeur.

A committed team of professionals whose prime objective is to make you feel welcome is hard at work behind the scenes to get you there comfortably and without any glitches - just like the trip with us will be...

The INTERLINE directors

  • Gerd Schorge,INTERLINE Berlin

    Gerd Schorge

    INTERLINE Berlin

  • Michael Fleißner, INTERLINE Frankfurt

    Michael Fleißner

    INTERLINE Frankfurt

  • Michael Trux, INTERLINE Frankfurt

    Michael Trux

    INTERLINE Frankfurt

  • Michael Guth, INTERLINE Munich

    Michael Guth

    INTERLINE Munich

  • Jochen Husung, INTERLINE Munich

    Jochen Husung

    INTERLINE Munich